Ram Sale 2020

Ram Sale 2020

The annual Wairere UK ram sale is back for another year! Please get in touch with Chris and Caroline on the details above to book a place, and also for a copy of the ram list prior to the sale. We really hope to see some new faces and of course our returning clients who keep coming back each year!

Rest assured that we are of course adhering to all Covid-19 guidelines and the sale will be ran in socially distanced and safe format. If you are unable to make the sale day, but would like to remotely bid, this can be accommodated.

A New face for Wairere UK

A New face for Wairere UK

Wairere UK are pleased to announce the appointment of Pierre Syben from Wairere in New Zealand as our assistant for  Ram Sales & prospective Clients.

It has always been our intention to give you our valued clients the best possible service & attention. As our Ram Sales have grown each year in the UK & across in to Europe we now feel we need some help with the extension of service in our business. Hence our appointment of Pierre who is totally dedicated to our clients getting the service they deserve aswell as the best possible advice on the use of the genetics they’ve purchased. Pierre has been involved with Wairere for 20 years. He is responsible for overseeing the properties & Ram Sales of Wairere Australia, he has an in depth knowledge of the New Zealand & Australian meat industry having developed & managed a conception to consumption supply chain for one of Australasias largest supermarket chains (Woolworths Ltd).

We think Pierre will add another dimension to our business & take our client service to another level while we continue on the farm to produce the best possible Rams we can & increase your on farm productivity.

This doesn’t mean we are stepping aside, far from it! As a sheep breeding business we need to know;

1, What are our clients needs?

2, How are our Rams performing?

3, What’s going to take your business forward?

4, Understanding the environment & conditions our Rams need to perform in.

No two farms are the same & everyone has different challenges within the farm gate.

The best way to answer these questions is by getting on your properties & seeing what’s going on.

Remember Chris, Caroline or Andy are only a phone call away should you require any advice!

You can contact Pierre Syben on:

Mobile: 07399348988


Mum’s The Word

Mum’s The Word

Photo: Hogget and her lambs 

Just ask any pre-school child who their favourite person in the world is and virtually in all cases the answer will be “MUM”, once passed their teenage years the answer is usually the same. Mums matter big time and no more so than with sheep, we need our ewes to be maternal, more lambs will survive the first few important hours after birth, lambs grow closer to their full potential if mum is looking after them and milking, if mum can count she does not lose or forget her lambs – It’s the key to cheaper lamb production – she does all the work because she just loves her children. Not all sheep do! A lot of terminal breed ewes are certainly not the best mums in the world. I have been sheep farming for nearly 40 years; the first 20 years running a cross bred flock .I changed to a New Zealand Romney flock in 2000 and have never looked back. I guess this makes me a slow learner!

When we have New Zealand sheep farmers visiting us, they are all surprised at how focused the average UK sheep farmer is on the terminal sires he is going to put over his ewes, but pays little thought to the maternal instincts of his ewe flock and how they can be improved. Yet she is going to have a huge effect on cost of production i.e. extra management at lambing time, lamb survival, lamb growth, creep feed etc.

As sheep farmers we don’t want tups that will throw lambs with big heads and wide shoulders -they don’t pass easily through the birth canal and if stressed at birth they are dozy for hours afterwards and therefore not getting that vital colostrum as soon as possible. Maternal ewes with large pelvic areas are the trick to lamb survival which is a key area of profitability – dead lambs don’t make money! It’s not all about lambing percentages – survival matters! The kiwi farmers understand the importance of maternal traits and are constantly trying to improve them within their flock. ”It’s like depositing money in the bank” if she is trouble why breed from her get- those genetics out of the flock! It all comes back to having a self-replacing flock where you are in control of the genetics, the cost of replacements, and the bio security of the flock.

Virtually all dairy farmers breed their own replacements from their best cows- Why don’t you? Do yourself a favour and try a Wairere Ram! New Zealand’s national flock is predominately self-replacing and has been for decades (Ever.) Wairere is the number one ram seller in N.Z which has hugely demanding farmers as its clients. Wairere could possibly be the largest single ram seller in the world as they have joint venture flocks in South America and Australia and well as in the UK. We are not just New Zealand Romneys we are Wairere New Zealand Romneys – there is a big difference.

This spring has not been without its challenges (understatement) and it has been very encouraging to have had a number of clients ring up and say how pleased and relieved they have been to be running Wairere bred stock. The same comments have also been aired as the drought continues to grip. Sheep need to be bred for resilience and constitution and at Wairere they have been doing this for decades, they are not a fancy named x bred, but a proper self-replacing animal that has been honed over 60 years. You can’t sell 3500 plus rams a year in New Zealand without ticking all the boxes.

The icing on the cake is that Wairere UK performance record them on a second quality, forage only diet – NO Concentrates. The Wairere ewe is a deep gutted animal that is very happy to perform on second quality grass, or if you are lucky enough to have a farm that actually grows grass stock her a lot heavier.

Get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you.

Ram Sale 2018

Ram Sale 2018

This year marks our 3rd annual ram sale day. There will be over 300 rams for sale and each ram comes with a set up genomic breeding values, enabling you to choose the best ram for you.

Please email Locksfarm@googlemail.com to secure your place and then we will be sending out all of the data/info of all of the rams beforehand.

Lambing 2018

Lambing 2018

It’s been a tough Spring for everyone and the Wettest and coldest it’s been in March/April for some time. The weather and lack of Spring growth has really tested the sheep. But as always, the sheep have surprised us and come out of it very well, with ewes picking out the driest areas they can and with lambs having good vigour to get up and drink even when being born into standing water sometimes. We have spoken to clients up and down the country and it’s been a gritty one for many, but with the ewe lambs almost finished now the weather looks to be improving so lambs can finally get some sunshine on their backs!

2 weeks before lambing

Moving ewes to saturated lambing paddocks

Recording new born lambs

Whilst 4 is not ideal, this girl did well to push them all out on her own in the rain!

Ewe lamb with her lambs

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